110 Creative YouTube Videos Ideas For Inspiration in 2020

If you have been a YouTuber for some time, you will probably accept the fact that after a while, it gets tough to come up with new ideas every time for your YouTube videos.

We have made it easy for you. Here’s a massive list of ideas that will help you with your video ideas. Even if you have just started vlogging, this list will help fill your catalog of videos.

Whether your videos are about gaming, fashion, food, travel, or any other content, you can find the right ideas for your videos below.

Personal Introduction Videos

1. Introduction

Whether you’re just starting or posting videos on YouTube for a while, an introductory video is always an excellent way to go. It connects you with your audience and gives them a rough idea about your channel.

Talk about your visions, talk about your achievements, or have fun. Whatever you do, make sure you engage and grab the audience’s attention.

2. Talk About Your YouTube Gears

Sometimes your YouTube content idea can be about how you make videos for YouTube. Your viewers are interested to know more about what goes behind the camera. You can create a video talking about your gears, your work process, and explain the beauty of creating content.

3. Just Speak to the Audience

You must keep interacting with your audience from time to time. So, sometimes you can make videos sitting in front of the camera and directly talking to your audience. Start by thanking them for their support. Asking for inputs in comments is an excellent way of engaging with the viewers too. While celebrating a milestone or even a small achievement, do not forget to celebrate with the viewers.

4. Share Your Opinion

One of the perks of having a YouTube channel is sharing your opinions with your viewers on any topic you want. Plus, you can get feedback from your subscribers through comments and create a dialog. Jot your thoughts down first and create a video where you express an opinion on an ongoing problem. The problem could be any recent incident in your locale, global issue, or personal life event.

Gaming Videos

5. Play a Video Game

Most people wouldn’t believe how big the YouTube gaming community is. Among the top 10 highest paid YouTubers, five of them are gamers. Play a game, record it, and you can upload it later. You can either upload raw footage or edit it as you wish.

6. Do a Live Stream

Game live streaming is massively popular these days. Although twitch is the best game live streaming site, YouTube has a live streaming option too; and it’s slowly getting popular. You can go live while playing. It is a good idea to interact with the audience and showing your real personality.

7. Review a Game

People tend to look for reviews before buying any product these days. It is the same case with a new game. So, reviewing a game is an excellent idea for a YouTube video. All you need to do is play a game and talk about the pros, cons, features, graphics, and what you thought of it.

8. Record a Game Walk-through

If you are a gamer, make a video showing your skills on how to play any video game. Some people get stuck in a particular stage in the game or cannot figure out how to play the game. You can create a video that walks through games and specific steps in the game.

9. Gaming News

Another easy but effective idea is to share gaming world news. Share updates on what’s new in the gaming world. When is the next big release? What are the new features added? And so on. This content will keep your viewers coming back to your channel.

10. Gaming Setup

If you’re a gaming enthusiast and your YouTube channel is all about gaming, the chances are that your viewers might be interested in knowing about your setup. You can create content out of it as well as address your viewers’ requests. All you need to do is shoot and share about your gaming gadgets and setup.

11. Gameplay Reaction Videos

Gameplay reaction videos have proved to be the most viewed content on YouTube. YouTubers like PewDiePie, Vanossgaming, and more are known for making awesome gameplay reaction videos. With proper editing skills, you can create brilliant content out of such reaction videos.

Technology Videos

12. Review Tech-Products

Reviews are always a hot topic. Whenever a new product is out, people tend to watch many reviews before they buy it. You can review new products if possible. Otherwise, you can even start with your laptop or your computer.

13. Tutorials for Software Use

There are regular software updates because of increased competitiveness. For most people, it’s hard to get updates. You can teach people how to use specific software because there are thousands of software, and the possibilities are endless. Record a video using the software, and that’s all you need to do.

14. Share Tech News

Share the fast-growing tech-industry news and updates with your viewers. Since the tech world is all about innovation, you can never run out of content. But, just the story won’t work, you need to add your charm and wittiness too.

15. Unboxing New Gadgets

A new box, with a shiny-sleek device inside, gets a lot of tech lovers excited. Get a gadget and record your unboxing experience. Talk about the first impression, look and feel, and give a genuine opinion. The more honest you are with your audience, the more they keep coming back.

16. Tech History Videos

Sometimes its good to look back on the history of technology. You can create a video comparing how far we have come in terms of technology. Besides that, you can talk on any topic from gadgets, software to ideas, and whatnot.

17. Tips and Tricks

Technology offers so much to learn. There are tips and tricks to do things fast and easy. You can make videos about such tips and tricks. What you share could be anything from software tips and tricks to simple hardware using techniques.

18. Teach People How to Code/ Build Apps

YouTube is a great platform to learn coding and software development. Though there are other platforms as well, YouTube is the most easily accessible one. If you are a developer, you can teach what you do, record, and upload it.

How-to Videos

19. How to Make Money

There are thousands of people looking for ways to make money on the internet. Share your ideas and help your viewers find their way. That can be either in affiliate marketing, or YouTube, or even how to run a food truck. Anything that you have experience or knowledge of can make for great content.

20. Life Hacks

Life hacks are simple techniques to ease our life. It’s a great feeling when you can perform a “hack” that many people don’t know about. These are simple techniques, yet the possibilities are endless. Be creative and create a short information video or on tricks and techniques. You will surely get a lot of traffic coming if your content is good enough.

21. How to Reuse or Recycle

A lot of people today have become conscious of the environmental effects of non-degradable wastes. People look for ways to recycle and reuse, and a video would be an excellent idea for YouTube. If you want to include your audience to make a better world, first, they need to know how to.

22. Art and Design

If you have skills in creating things, you can record yourself while creating something. Art and Design have a lot of elements to learn. So teach your viewers a step-by-step process of creating something beautiful. However, just recording is not enough; you will need to edit your videos to give a proper walk-through every step.

23. Help with Boring Stuff

Though it’s not as exciting, it can be a useful video for your viewers. Sometimes it is hard to understand concepts such as economics, share-market, taxes, etc. You can create videos to help people understand these complex concepts in simple words. Cut the complexity and put it out there in a simple language, and you will see how much people would love it.

24. How to Speak a Foreign Language

Some people can speak and write in more than one language. If you’re one of them, share this unique talent you have. Sharing your talent/skill is an excellent way to engage and interact with your viewers too. Make it a fun learning experience, and people will always have the desire to learn something new from you.

25. How to Face an Interview

Interviews are intimidating, so people will look for help facing them. There are many YouTube videos on how to face an interview. If you’re a specialist, you can give a heads up to your viewers on what to expect and how to handle particular situations in that specific industry.

26. DIY

If you’re into crafts or creating gifts by yourself, you can make a video about it as well. You can create greeting cards, wooden crafts, or any other stuff and add a personal touch to it. The best part is that if you create something good enough, you could even sell it online. Hands down, it is one of the best ways to create YouTube videos doing what you love.
Health and fitness

27. Good Workout Habits

Make a workout video and teach your viewers how to get fit. Not just exercise, you can also teach them good habits for healthy living. Talk about the challenges you faced, lessons learned, and how you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Make sure your videos are helpful for a wide range of audiences.

28. Workout From Home

Not everyone has access to the gym or prefers to go to the gym. You can make a video targeting these groups of people and help them get fit. Teach exercises that don’t require weights that you can do with home equipment. You can use your body weight or equipment in the house in case you need loads.

29. Be Motivating

Most people tend to look for motivation before starting a healthy life. Tell a personal story, a quote, or talk to your viewers. Encourage them to be active and stop being lazy. Who knows, you may be the one who they look up to.

30. Talk About a Popular Diet Plan

Staying fit is not just about exercise and gym. What you eat plays a vital role in your health too. As a health and fitness expert, you can help your audience by giving them proper advice on their diet. You might have an audience of various age groups so, make sure you reach out to all of them.

31. Give A Yoga Routine

Like other workout videos, yoga videos have a huge fan base too. If you’re a practitioner of Yoga, you can upload your routine and get your viewers following you. There’s a broad scope of contents you can create with a yoga video.

32. Health-related Queries and Answers

If you are a fitness influencer, it’s common for your audience to have questions. Ask them to comment on their issues and create a video answering those queries. Addressing the comments/queries helps you build a good relationship with your viewers and might lead to some other video ideas.

33. Vitamins and Supplements

Talk about vitamins and supplements. Since many people find it hard to get the right supplements and vitamins, you can guide them through. Make a video sharing your experience. If you do not have such knowledge, do proper research to convince your viewers about your preferences.

News and Information Videos

34. Talk Show

There are many shows on YouTube, where the host invites some guests and has a simple, candid conversation. Bring in someone who’s famous or has good knowledge about a particular issue. Having a well-known guest will help your audience stick to your channel for information and entertainment.

35. Discuss Hot Topics

Today for a lot of people, YouTube has become their source of news too. You can create a video talking about trending topics or critical issues. Try presenting news from a broad perspective, make it unbiased because that’s what your viewers expect from you.

36. Create a Reaction Video

When something creates a buzz in the media, you can create a reaction video reacting to that. It is easy to create a reaction video. Get in front of your camera, record, and share your views. Simple as that. You can produce a lot of content if you’re quick enough to react after anything buzz-worthy.

37. Interview Someone Interesting

It’s always good to hear from an expert. Invite someone interesting and interview them with some insightful questions. You will personally get to learn a lot, and your viewers will get to know their ideal figure better through your channel.

38. History

There’s always a lot to learn from history. Study and research about the past, and present the information in creative ways through YouTube videos. Detailed, confident content can increase your followers if your content is easy to follow and engaging.

39. Journalism

Get your boots on and get out on the road to get stories. Document people and research and convey what you find. Your authenticity will earn you a loyal fanbase. Authenticity gives you the freedom of expression, and if your contents are high-quality, you will surely get the right audience.

40. Do a Regular News Follow-Up

You can simply create a video giving daily news updates. Surprisingly, a lot of people watch YouTube for news these days. So present your report, but you don’t need to follow the conventional style of news reading. Instead, you can make it funny and sarcastic.

Music Videos

41. Cover a Song

Some stars got famous covering songs on YouTube. If you’re a singer, this could be your way to stardom. All you need to do is sing your heart out, record, and upload. Recording yourself singing is a great idea to make YouTube videos doing what you love.

42. Singing Lessons

Share what you have learned and explain the process of learning how to sing. You can break these into small lessons of theoretical knowledge as well as demonstrations. Try making your content a little different to stand out from other YouTube singing tutors.

43. Share Your Playlist

Sharing your playlist can be another idea for your YouTube content. If you have a YouTube channel based on music, your viewers may be interested to know your taste of music. Make a video where you talk about the songs you like and the reason behind that. To make it interactive, you can ask your viewers to share their playlist too.

44. Review a Song or an Album

In recent times, reviewing a song or an album has become a popular trend on YouTube. Listen to a freshly released song or album and give your reaction and impressions on the first listen. Just be casual and add some exciting edits to your video, and you’re good to go.

45. Teach How to Play an Instrument

A video tutorial on playing different instruments can be of great help to your followers. For self-learners, YouTube is the best way to learn instruments. Though there are chord-books and other means of getting knowledge about the tool, it is a lot easier to learn, watching a video tutorial.

46. Interview Musicians

Hearing stories of musicians and getting to know them better cheers up an aspiring singer. So, for your YouTube video, you can interview some musicians. This way, you will be engaging a good number of audience and also be inspiring them indirectly.

47. Backstage Footage of Concerts

People love to get backstage insights of artists and shows in general. If you can manage to get such backstage footage, that could be excellent content for your channel.
Travel and Adventure Videos

Travel and Adventure Videos

48. Travel Vlogs

Traveling is a beautiful experience. Document the experience you have while traveling, capture people, places, and exciting stories you discover. If you’re at good at photography and video shoots, you may end up creating brilliant content. It can be an exotic place or a local place. Whether your travel vlog is good or not depends on your editing and shooting skills.

49. Travel and Document Unexplored Places

Many avid travelers want to know more about places less explored. Looking for such locations will help you stand-out among all other vloggers who vlog about popular sites.

50. What to Pack

A good backpack can make or break your trek. If you’re a traveler and a YouTuber too, you can help your viewers by making a video about how to pack while traveling. This backpack can be about one particular trek or a bag that is suitable for all treks.

51. Survival Guide

The best thing about traveling is that it takes you to places you could have never imagined. As a YouTuber, what you can do is create videos telling people what to expect and whatnot. You can talk about the difference in culture and values, food, appropriate clothing, etc.

52. Go Camping

You do not need to travel far to make excellent video content. Get together with some friends, and go camping. You can film your trip and provide helpful tips for your viewers. A great cinematic video can bring in a broad audience.

53. Explore Local Eateries

There are many places famous for the food they serve. Such places can be a local or exotic restaurant. Many people search for video information about such places and food. If you’re visiting a site, try exploring the local cuisine.

54. Review Hotels

Many people rely on the internet for reviews of hotels. Though most of them are on websites, you can create a video reviewing hotels too. After all, videos tend to more informative. If you have a good number of subscribers, you might as well make some money on the side.

55. Travel Budget Plan

If you have been traveling, share your knowledge on managing the travel budget while traveling. That can be of great help to your viewers. Give them ideas on how they can travel cheaply and have a great time too.

Entertainment Videos

56. Play a Prank

Who doesn’t enjoy a prank? It is a proven thing that prank videos can get your Youtube career a boost. Try getting people’s natural reactions to different awkward and unusual situations by placing hidden cameras. People love watching such videos. It depends on your skills on how you make it enjoyable.

57. Attempt a Record

There are YouTubers like Dude Perfect, who have millions of subscribers, and this is what they do basically. Attempt some impressive world records or personal records and film it. These kinds of exciting videos tend to get a lot of audiences. But, do not attempt risky challenges and stay safe.

58. Share Stories

Connect with your viewers by sharing stories. It can be your personal experience or an account you’ve heard. Ghost stories and motivational stories are among some trending topics. Make sure you make it enjoyable with visuals too.

59. Make a Bloopers Video

If you have been making YouTube videos for some time now, you must have extra footage from behind the scenes. Compile those and come up with funny and interesting content. Use your creativity to explore endless possibilities.

60. Cinematic Videos

If you have some great cinematic footage, then compile them to make a video for YouTube. Capture some drone shots, timelapse and add some editing to that, and you’ll have an eye-catching content.

61. Create a Parody

If you have a witty sense of humor, you can make parody videos on different songs or other videos too. Some YouTubers manage to create excellent parodies that get even more popular than the original content.

62. Magic Tricks

People get blown away by some magic tricks videos on YouTube. If you are into magic tricks, you can shoot some reactions and make a video out of it. Get on the road and perform tricks out on the streets or put up a show. Keep the audience amazed, and viewers will love it.

Fashion and Beauty

63. Give Makeup Tutorials

Makeup is a hot topic and has been so for some time now. It never gets out of trend. If you’re a makeup artist, give your viewers a lesson on anything about makeup. You can teach them how to use makeup kits and many more. Since both men and women use makeup, you can make videos for both.

64. Review Makeup Products

Since there are a lot of makeup products in the market, you can help your subscribers choose the right product. Do reviews on these makeup products, be honest, that builds trust among your followers.

65. Dressing Tutorials

There are many fashion experts making videos and teaching people how to dress. You can make such videos too. You can give your followers lessons about anything from designer clothes to simple regular clothes. If you have some insight and good knowledge of fashion, you can surely create your audience soon.

66. Home Remedies

If you have some knowledge of home remedies for your hair, skin, and body, then you can make videos sharing ideas to help people cure their beauty problems naturally. A lot of people like to remedy such problems with homemade medicines.

67. Critique Celebrity Fashion

It is a proven fact that celebrity fashion critique videos get a lot of views. If you know fashion, this might be an excellent idea for YouTube videos. Many red carpet events are happening around the world, and you can critique any of these videos.

68. Hairstyles

Both men and women can style their hair in different ways. If you’re a hairstylist, help your viewers get cool hairstyles. Make the video in a way that is easy to follow and demonstrate the process. That’s all you need to do.

69. How to Accessorize

Accessories make people look stylish and trendy. So, a lot of people look for tutorials on how to pull off these accessories. Help them match their dress and their accessories and things to look for while choosing accessories.

70. Discuss New Fashion Trends

Sometimes you can talk about what’s trending. Trends keep changing with time, so be updated about the latest trends and keep your viewers updated too. You can talk about clothes, makeup, accessories, and all the latest trends.

Food Videos

71. Cooking Tutorials

For food enthusiasts, a simple cooking video tutorial is an excellent idea for a YouTube video. If you love cooking or work as a chef, you can teach people different recipes. You can even test new recipes. When it comes to food, people tend to look for varieties.

72. International Cuisine

Some people like to try sophisticated international dishes. If you know such recipes, you may as well share it with your viewers. Get out of the regular food routine and try something unusual. There are many options you could opt for.

73. Cooking Challenges

This challenge will test your cooking skills and creativity. Get a fixed number of ingredients and prepare an exciting dish with those ingredients. If you manage to put an exotic dish on the plate, you will have a good impression among your viewers.

74. Recommend a Restaurant

It is a great idea to recommend restaurants around your city. Record a video listing out the best restaurants around and talk about the food they offer. Help your viewers figure out specialties about each restaurant and what to expect.

75. Review Kitchenware

Talk about kitchen appliances that are best to use. You can review some specific items or share what you have been using. Since kitchenwares do your job easily, this can be very useful for your followers.

76. Plating

If you are an aspiring chef, you surely know the importance of plating your dish. A beautiful presentation leaves a great impression on the customers. Being a YouTuber, you can make a video teaching what you learned based on your experience.

77. Try Out Desserts

Not everyone wants chocolate and butter for desserts. Be creative with your choice of sweets and fruits. Experiment and come up with a brilliant dessert. It can be your recipe or someone else’s too.

Home and Decor Videos

78. Teach How to Design a House Interior

You may need a professional interior designer, or not but you can still design a room. If you think you have anything to share on this topic, you can create a YouTube video and teach others too. This type of video gets a lot of views on YouTube.

79. Build a Furniture

Some people like to build their furniture on their own. Some people might want to learn this skill too. If you have that craftsman in you, you can record yourself making your furniture and share it on YouTube. Guide your viewers through the process in a way that is easy to follow.

80. House Painting Lessons

Your viewers will admire you if you help them save some money, teaching them how to paint their house. You can give helpful tips and do demonstrations to help them learn quickly. There’s scope for paint reviews and other material review videos too.

81. Plant Garden

There is an increasing number of people coming back to gardening. You can start with a simple gardening video and gradually give tutorials and tips about advance gardening too. Talk about plants, pots, watering processes, and much more. There are a lot of things to teach and learn there.

82. DIY Decor

Your house is your canvas if you have that artistic side in you. Design and craft home decors as you please. DIY stuff looks good when used for interior or exterior decorations. For a minimalistic life, this is one way to go.

83. Grow Your Food

Sustainable living is what we all need to follow. Practice it by growing your food and share such knowledge with others. Many people are looking for such information. You can teach them how to grow different vegetables under different conditions.

84. Organize Closet

Organizing things is troubling for a lot of people. Be their savior. Teach people how to organize their closets. There are tips and tricks you can share to get things well-organized.

85. Review Home Appliances

There are many products out on the market to use for your daily household work. Do a review of such products and compare different brands. Be honest with your viewers, and your audience will keep coming back.

86. Share Ideas on Hosting a House Party

People find it hard to host a house party like how they planned it. Give a lesson on how to organize and execute the perfect house party. Different occasions need different ideas for execution. So, you can create a lot of videos covering various related topics.

Lifestyle Videos

87. House Tour

Your followers are always interested in getting more information about you. Make a vlog giving a house tour. The more you let your viewers know about you, the more they feel connected.

88. Event

If you have been out for any occasion like a concert, wedding or any such events, vlog about it. You can compile and tailor it to create excellent video content for YouTube. Share your experience and try capturing exciting footage.

89. College Tour

We can see videos on YouTube where YouTubers give you their college tour. You can do the same. People are always interested to know more about you if you’re a vlogger. Do check with the administration, if you can shoot videos within the college premises.

90. Vlog About a Day in Your Life

There are TV shows out there based on this idea. Give your viewers an outlook about how you spend a typical day. You can cover all the activities you do in a day and compile it to make a YouTube video.

91. Lesson on Pet Care

Do you have a pet? If yes, you can share your experience and make a video. Talk about how to take good care of your pet, feed them, and understand their body language. People keep different animals as pets, so the possibilities are endless.

Seasonal Videos

92. New Years Resolution Video

Many people make resolutions on New Year’s. If you’re planning a resolution, you can also make a video about it. Chances are, if it is public, it may help you complete the resolution. Also, your followers will be impressed by your honesty.

93. Reflection Video

If you have been on YouTube for some time, you can make timely videos reflecting on your journey. Many things can happen in a year, so record, compile, and make reflection videos.

94. Christmas Video

Many people celebrate Christmas around the globe. You can shoot a video for Christmas covering things like how to make gifts, dishes, and plan a party. You may also shoot videos with your family and friends and make a YouTube video.

95. Gifts Unboxing

On occasions like Christmas, Easter, or birthdays, you can collect all your gifts and make an unboxing video. Your subscribers are always interested in such videos.

96. Celebrate Your YouTube Anniversary

You should celebrate your YouTube anniversary to thank your audience for love and support. Once in a while, show some gratitude for all the appreciation and respect.

Additional Video Ideas

97. Make a Music Video

For singers, YouTube can be the most prominent platform. Some singers have made it big, starting from YouTube. If you have the talent, nothing can stop you from being massively popular through YouTube.

98. Document an Inspiring Story

Many local stories go unnoticed in this vast world. If you believe you can do justice to the story by putting a brilliant, inspiring story on YouTube, you need to do it. There are short inspiring stories that have been loved all over the world.

99. Web Series

If you have a small production team, you can also produce a web series on YouTube. There are popular web series on various genres all over YouTube. These series can receive good appreciation and audience on Youtube.

100. Stand Up Comedy

If you’re a comedian, you can upload your standup videos on YouTube too. Uploading your routines can give you more exposure through the internet and also may help you make some money on the side.

101. Challenge Videos

Many challenges appear as YouTube trends time and again. You can film such challenge videos with friends and family or on your own too. Surprisingly, these challenge videos get popular very fast. You may even gain thousands of viewers.

102. Vines

Though vine videos started from Vines video app, it is still a trend on YouTube. Many YouTube celebs started with vine videos and still tend to make such videos time and again. You can make such funny vine videos too.

103. Review and Suggest Books

Many people have a good habit of reading. Share a book that you have recently read with your viewers. You can also do a review of the books you read and ask for recommendations with your viewers.

104. Share Movies

Share a movie you liked with your viewers. You can create a video and explain why you liked the movie. While doing this, you can also ask your audience about their favorite movies.

105. Business Related Videos

If you’re an expert in business and finance, you can share your skills with your viewers. Give lessons on effective marketing strategies and how to use videos for promotion. Besides these, you can share an update of the share market. Make sure your content is easy to understand for a general user.

106. Compilation Videos

It is no surprise that compilation videos get millions of viewers on YouTube. You can do that too. If you have short clips, compile them to make exciting content.

107. Collaboration Videos

YouTubers have an active community. Thus, you can contact a fellow YouTuber and collaborate on interesting projects. Collaborations will help increase your viewers and promote mutual harmony among Youtubers.

108. Sports

You can upload content related to sports on YouTube. There are videos of many sports compilation. If you’re are a sportsperson, you may upload some tutorials on what you are best at or give tactical reviews too.

109. Spiritual Practices

If you’re a spiritual person and have something to teach people about living a happy life, you can make a YouTube video sharing your knowledge on spiritual practices and lifestyle.

110. Draw My Life

Draw My Life videos are reflection videos where you present your life story by drawing sketches for visuals. This type of video has become popular lately among many YouTubers. You can give it a try too.


We understand it is hard to come up with a unique creative idea every time for a YouTube video. That’s precisely why we have listed this collection of ideas. We’ve also created a list of 55 vlog ideas you can try. Get your camera rolling and start filming.

Remember, you do not necessarily need to stick to one particular idea. Expand your horizons with these ideas and give your best effort. Viewers and subscribers will eventually increase.