50+ Trending YouTube Challenges in 2020

trending youtube challenges

If you spend a lot of time on YouTube or you are a content creator for YouTube, here are some tips for you.

You may have noticed that some of the YouTube channels create a similar kind of content in the name of ‘YouTube Challenges.’ These challenges are fun to perform as well as watch. Either you are a creator or just a viewer, these challenges aim at entertaining you.

It is a fact that YouTube challenges perform much better than regular videos. It promotes collaboration and exposes you to new audiences.

Having a partner is mandatory for most of these challenges, so get a partner, a fellow YouTuber or a friend and have a good time, that’s it.

Here’s a list of the most trending YouTube Challenges of 2020 for you to go through.

1. Eat It or Wear It Challenge

If you do not mind getting messy, you will surely have a great time doing this challenge. In this challenge, you need a partner. You put some food in bags with randomly placed numbers on it.

Now, Pick a number and decide whether you want to eat it or wear it. Whatever your partner does, you need to do the opposite. The one who has less food in his body wins the challenge. Prepare to get covered with food and have fun.

2. Bottle Flip Challenge

Following a high school kid’s viral video in 2016, this challenge has become a sport by now.

YouTube community has made it even more popular with famous YouTube channels taking part in the challenge.

The basic idea is to flip a plastic bottle half-filled with water. You grab the bottle by the neck and flick it in the air; the landing of the container needs to be perfect. While that’s just the basic idea, you can go further ahead and perform crazy tricks.

3. Touch My Body Challenge

Another popular challenge that created quite a buzz in 2020 is the Touch My Body Challenge. For this challenge, you need a partner.

One person wears a blindfold while the partner asks the person to touch the body. The blindfolded person then needs to guess the part of the body he/she touches. The one with more correct guesses wins.

4. Whisper Challenge

In this challenge, a person wears headphones to avoid all the noises. And the other person tells you a thing. Since you won’t be able to listen to, you will have to guess observing the lips.

You need a partner for this challenge. The results are funny and amazing to watch.

5. Speed Drawing Challenge

While with a bunch of friends, if you want to try something more creative, except food and make-up, go for a speed drawing challenge.

You will have a time limit of a short period, something like 2-3 minutes. Within, this short time you need to draw something. This something could be anything that you agreed upon mutually.

The one who has the best drawing is the winner. You need an extra person to judge too.

6. Bean Boozled Challenge

It is an easy and entertaining game for a challenge. You take a box of candy and taste each candy. These candies are identical but taste very different. Some are tasty, while some feel disgusting.

The person who gets to taste more of the tasty candies wins the game. The element of surprise and funny reactions are great to watch.

7. Try Not to Laugh

One of the easiest, yet, the most popular challenge on the YouTube platform in 2020 is Try Not to Laugh Challenge. You do not need any extra prop or partner for this challenge.

All you have to do is sit and watch a funny video and try not to laugh while watching. It is hard sometimes to control the laughter. It makes the challenge hilarious and fun to watch.

8. Accent Challenge

It is a simple challenge where you try different accents around the world. You have the option to do it with a partner, although you can also do it by yourself.

Take a couple of words or sentences and try it with different accents. You can test your skills and have fun too.

9. The Ghost Pepper Challenge

Ghost Pepper Challenge

It is precisely the hottest challenge on Youtube. You need to eat a ghost pepper and film your reaction. Do it yourself or get a bunch of people, and shoot their responses.

Make sure you check some reactions before you do it yourself. It’s not everyone’s cup of cake.

10. Yoga Challenge

Yoga Challenge

If you are a yoga practitioner, it may be comfortable for you. If not, this challenge will create more fun.

All you have to do is to imitate some yoga positions with a friend or a partner. Be careful in doing these positions, or you may harm yourself. The one who can imitate more postures wins the game.

12. What’s in My Mouth Challenge

As the name suggests, the purpose is to identify the item in your mouth. One person is blindfolded, and the other places some food items in the first person’s mouth. The one who can identify more of these food items wins the game.

Simple, isn’t it?

The reactions may be hilarious and entertaining. Be sure you find a partner you are comfortable with; otherwise, you may not get the desired content.

13. The Floor is Lava Challenge

Lava Challenge

Another game-challenge popular among YouTubers is the Floor is a Lava Challenge.  Try it with a group of friends. It’s fun that way. Or, you can also do it alone if you wish.

As soon as someone shouts ‘The floor is lava,’ you need to pretend the floor is covered with lava and thus avoid touching the floor. Try this game outdoors. It’s fun to see not just the player’s reaction but also the reaction of people watching.

14. The Brain Freeze Challenge

Don’t worry; your brain is not going to freeze literally. It’s just the name of the challenge.

What you need to do is get a partner first and a list of questions. Now, pour some ice-cold water or ice cubes in a bathtub and ask your friend to sit on it. Ask a few questions; faster the person can answer he can get out of the tub.

15. Cinnamon Challenge

Cinnamon Challenge

This one is one of the oldest challenges in YouTube. If you have been following challenge videos on YouTube, you must have probably seen it.

Take a spoonful of cinnamon and see if you can handle it. It may not be a good idea for people with health problems. So, be careful.

16. Chubby Bunny Challenge

It is a super fun challenge to film with your friends. Opt for it if you do not have a problem with having a lot of sugar in your mouth by the end.

Stuff your mouth with marshmallows or chubby bunnies and try saying the word ‘Chubby Bunny.’ The more you fill your mouth, the harder it gets making it a hilarious experience.

17. Smoothie Challenge


In this challenge, you need two people. You must have a bag of ingredients without the contestants knowing about it.

The ingredients are numbered, and the contestants pick numbers from a bowl. In the end, each of them blends the elements they gather to make a smoothie and then drink it.

18. 100 Layer Challenge

The 100 layer challenge went viral in 2016 and continues to be one of the most popular ones on YouTube.

You need to apply 100 layers of any item to you. Keep adding layers up and be humourous through the processes.

19. Guess the Song Challenge

guess the song

It is a desired challenge among YouTube communities. Gather some friends or fellow YouTubers’, and you’re good to go.

The contestants need to guess the name of the song after hearing it for a few seconds. One who knows more names correct wins the challenge.

20. The Dress-Up Challenge

This challenge is mainly for couples. Both the boyfriend and girlfriend dress up in each other’s clothes and try many different outfits.

The results are amusing. It’s ridiculously funny-looking boys in girls’ dresses and vice-versa.

21. Tin Can Challenge

Tin Can

Tin Can Challenge is a game where you collect a bunch of tin cans and fill it with food items. Some of them may be tasty and some gross.

Two players number the tin cans and pick a number from the bowl randomly. They then have to taste all the food items.

22. 7 Seconds Challenge

In this challenge, the participants need to perform a task within 7 seconds. The job is set by fellow participants or maybe some random tasks.

The person who fails to perform within 7 seconds will be out of the game. Be creative and try making your tasks enjoyable.

23. Innuendo Bingo

Innuendo Bingo is a challenge where participants fill their mouth with water. After that, play funny audio or a video clip in the background.

The aim is to try not to laugh and hold the water in your mouth. If you spill the water, you need to take and additional sip the next time. The goal is to survive most rounds without expelling water out.

24. The Disney Challenge

The Disney Challenge is the one where contestants listen to a small piece of Disney song. They then need to identify the song title. You also need to know the name of the movie containing the song.

You will only get 7-10 seconds to listen to the song. Be quick, and you will have a good time.

25. Say Anything

A fun and witty game to play with friends is ‘Say Anything.’ It is simple; all you need is NOTHING. Get a partner, and you can enjoy this game.

Two people say random words in this game. But, the exciting thing is that you cannot repeat a word. The one who repeats a word or cannot say any gets punished.

26. Try Not to Sing

It is an easy game, generally. However, it may be hard for those who cannot stop singing or dancing when there’s good music.

The players are made to listen to popular songs, but they cannot sing or dance to music. If you do, you lose.

27. Rolex Challenge

Rolex Challenge has been a popular one in the recent period. It is a dance challenge, so essential dancing skill is required for it.

Participants post videos of them dancing in a particular song in any way.

28. Bubble Gum Challenge

Bubble Gum challenge

In Bubble Gum Challenge, the participating player needs to get as many bubble gum pieces as one can stuff inside his mouth and see what happens.

YouTuber’s went crazy about this challenge and even stuffed their mouth with more than 100 bubblegums.

29. Baby Food Challenge

Participants have to eat baby food while they are blindfolded. And, they need to guess the flavor.

You score the point if you identify the food correctly. The one with the maximum score wins the game.

30. Korean Spicy Noodle Challenge

As the name suggests, the participants need to have hot and spicy Korean noodles. It may not be easy to eat noodles as it is too spicy.

But it’s fun, watching people having a hard time and still trying to eat. The reactions are funny as well as entertaining.

31. Oreo Challenge

Oreo Challenge

In Oreo Challenge, participants taste different unusual flavors of Oreo such as kettle corn and pistachio.

The reactions are engaging. This challenge is doable with friends and family. Finally, you will have a pleasant experience filming it.

32. Chapstick/Kissing Challenge

Kissing Challenge

This challenge is for couples. One of you needs to put chapstick on and the other has to guess the flavor of chapstick by kissing.

While tasting the flavor, you need to be blindfolded. It is a popular game among many YouTuber couples.

33. Balloon Animal Challenge

Balloon Animal Challenge

Balloon Animal Challenge is the one where players compete with each other to make animals out of balloons. Players need to be creative for it.

The one who makes an animal fastest wins the game. You will have a blast filming it, as the results are weird-looking balloon animals.

34. Juggling Challenge

Juggling Challenge

The challenge for this game is to juggle as many items as you can. These items can be balls or anything that you can juggle.

Juggling needs a little practice. So, it is a hard job when you are not prepared. You can perform and film this challenge with friends.

35. One Bite Challenge

The goal for this task is to eat as much food as you can in a single bite. Many food items can be used in this game.

The contestants are required to eat these in just one bite. The one who bites the largest portion wins the round and the game as well.

36. Stink Smell Challenge

For this challenge, players are blindfolded and forced to smell stinky gross scents. The players then need to identify the smells of objects.

Players reacting to such a gross smell is amusing and fun to watch. You will surely have a whoopee experience filming too.

37. 24 Hours Challenge

This is the hottest trend on YouTube and still going on. YouTubers spend 24 hours on only one task in this challenge.

The tasks can be anything like staying in the car for 24 hours, hiding inside a closet for 24 hours, etc. So while deciding for the task, consider your preferences and think about something you can do for 24 hours.

38. Dizzy Challenge

Dizzy Challenge requires two participants. You will spin around with the help of another participant. And, it will undoubtedly make you feel dizzy.

Now, once you start feeling dizzy, you need to perform some tasks assigned. The one who can perform more tasks wins the game. Be careful and make sure you do not hurt yourself.

39. Nintendo Switch Challenge

nintendo switch

A game for the gamers. Nintendo Switch is a challenge in which you invite someone in any game and film it.

You can choose the game both the players agree upon.  You can compete in this challenge with a Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox or any others.

40. Boyfriend Does My Make-Up

Boyfriend Does My Make-Up

One of the most prevalent challenges on YouTube for couples is the ‘Boyfriend Does My Make-Up’ challenge. In it, a boy decorates his girl with make-up arts.

Most of the time, boys end up making their girls look very funny. You can do this challenge with any member of the family or friends too even if you do not have any couple.

41. You Won’t Do It Challenge

One of the craziest challenges on YouTube is the ‘You Won’t Do It Challenge.’ In this challenge, players are given any daring task they need the courage to do it when someone says, ‘You won’t do it.’

This dare can take place anytime, anywhere. It’s entertaining to watch people’s reactions to these YouTubers’.

42. Cook A Meal Challenge

Here’s a game for people who love to cook. The Cook A Meal challenge is the one in which two or more participants follow the same recipe and they prepare meals.

The one who cooks the best wins. Simple, right?

43. $20 Meal Challenge

For this challenge, participants get 20$ to spend buying items at a grocery store. They then need to prepare a dish out of those items.
The one who cooks the best with those items purchased with only 20$ wins the challenge.

44. The Escape Challenge

The idea for this challenge is to escape out of something you are tied to or trapped with. Two people participate in this game, and the one who gets out from the trap quicker is the winner.

The loser is then further wrapped or tied to all objects at one and has to try escaping again.

45. KiKi Challenge

This challenge goes with Drake’s song ‘In my feelings.’ The challenge is to get out of a car while this song is playing and dance with the tune. You can do it with your friends or alone.

Many YouTubers accepted this challenge. You could make fresh content with this challenge if you are a good dancer.

46. Backward Challenge

In the Backward Challenge, people need to complete any given task backward rather than the usual way.

The tasks can be anything from skipping to walking or so on. It may be difficult, but it surely is a lot of fun to watch.

47. The Candy Kissing Challenge

The Candy Kissing Challenge

Candy Kissing Challenge is mainly for couples. One of them has to eat candy, and the other one kissing has to figure out what candy it is.

The person kissing is blindfolded. So, it will be challenging to guess the candy.

48. Hot Sauce Challenge

Hot Sauce Challenge

Players need to taste 15 different hot sauces in this game. Since, it is a hot sauce, every one of them is spicy and trying 15 of them is a challenge.

The reactions are damn funny to watch, and you will undoubtedly have an exciting time in filming it too.

49. Spin the Mystery Wheel Challenge

Spin the Mystery Wheel Challenge  

It is a dare game where you spin the wheel of some mystery dares. Wherever the spin lands on,  you need to perform that dare.

The dares determine the quality of content. So, be sure your dare is exciting. You can try it with a partner or a friend.

50. No Thumb Challenge

The participants of this challenge need to eat food while their thumbs are wrapped up in plastic. It is a tough and equally fun challenge to do with friends or family.

It is a quite popular challenge on YouTube.

51. Cotton Ball Challenge

For the cotton ball challenge, we need some cotton balls, a blindfold, a bowl, and a spoon. You need two people for it. One has a blindfold and the spoon while the other holds two bowls.

One bowl contains cotton balls and the other one’s empty. The task for the blindfolded person is to put the cotton balls with the help of a spoon to a bowl held over one’s head. It is a difficult task to do but it provides a lot of fun.


This list can go on as YouTubers now have started creating games for good content, and it’s doing better.

You too, can create a game of your own and challenge others. Be creative with your content. And also do take safety and precaution into consideration as some of these challenges may be risky too.

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