55 Vlog Ideas You Need To Try in 2020

Vlog Ideas

Although the vlogging trend has been rising every day, it is not an easy job. Do you know that 9 out of 10 vloggers fail to reach the desired growth rate of their channel? The main reason behind the failure is a lack of effective or new vlog ideas.

Most of the vloggers end up doing the same thing again and again in their vlogs. BORING!

So to help you spice things up, we have created a list of best 55 vlog ideas you need to try in 2020. ENJOY!

A. First Vlog Ideas

Vlogging is almost always personal. You share your views, ideas, and interests. In a way, it helps viewers know you better.

1. Personal Introduction

Always begin your first ever vlog with an introduction of yourself. Let the viewers know a bit about you. Tell them who you are, what you do, what your likes and dislikes are, and what you expect from your channel. Such introductory videos help the audience understand you more as a person.

2. Your Childhood


Talk about your childhood at the beginning phase of your channel. It may sound personal but works just magical. Talk about the way you were in your youth, talk about the school play-acting, trouble you got into, your favorite teacher or subject. You can also compare the way children are raised today and about your time with some opinions. Advice regarding growing up as well. Kids may watch your vlog, and these topics can be helpful for them. 

3. City Tour

City Tour

Make a vlog of your city. These kinds of vlogs make your city famous and be a guide to the tourists to make their way around town. Share the location of local pubs, restaurants, cinemas, museums, tourist hubs, famous monuments, and so on. Show the lifestyle around your town and invite your audience to visit your city.

4. House Tour

house tour

Make a short video tour of your house and room. Let the viewers see where you come from and what your room and other parts of the house look like. Most of the gamer vloggers make videos from only one angle inside the room. A house tour video can be best if you are one of such vloggers.

Show your room or your favorite chilling spot. Give them a glance of your main space a bit better.

Do not reveal your personal information or the security measures in your house, though.

5. Talk about Your Goals

Talk about Your Goals

Everybody has a goal in their lives. What are yours? Share your goals in one of your vlogs. Tell the viewers about your career, your likes or dislikes, where you want to travel, what you want to achieve in life, and so on.

6. Your Favorite Sports


You surely watch some sports, don’t you? Whether it is football, basketball, soccer, or anything, introduce the games you like. Tell the viewers how often you watch it or even how often you play it. You can shoot a video where you are playing your favorite sports. You can also talk about your favorite player.

7. Your Favorites

Make a video where you are talking about your favorites. The topic can be anything like sports, music, food, products, cars, places, movies, and many more. You can explain why you love that particular thing.

8. Your Least Favorites

It is the complete opposite of the previous vlogging idea. Instead of talking about your favorite thing, talk about the things you dislike the most such as the worst movie, TV series, or the worst place you regret visiting. Also, don’t forget to mention the reason why you don’t like it.

9. Talk about the Thing You Know Very Well

Let your viewers know that you are a specialist in something. That something can be anything you are good at, such as singing, playing an instrument, playing particular sports, gaming, or anything else.

10. Random Personal Facts

Everyone has some facts about themselves. It is a good idea to make a video telling your viewers about interesting or weird facts about yourself.

11. A Day with You

You can see lots of videos about how celebrities spend their day. Why don’t you do the same too? In addition, you will make a video of your day instead of a star. Make a content plan on when you wake up, what the first thing is you do, your breakfast diet, your daily chores, the rest of the day, and how your day usually ends. Just record how your whole day often goes. This vlog will illuminate the viewers an insight into your daily life and know your nature.

12. Your Eating Habits

Your Eating Habits

Whether you are vegan or a meat lover, film your fridge for your audience. Tell them your daily meal plan. You can be a junk food lover or follow a strict diet plan. Whatever it is, record it and post it. It will help boost your channel subscribers and viewers.

13. Tell a Story

Do you have an exciting story to tell? It does not need to be a fairytale. Tell a fascinating event that happened in your life or anyone you know. The story may be funny, scary, motivational, or even a sad one. Just make sure your narrative is interesting enough to engage your audience.

14. Ranting Video

We all rant to spill out our anger, don’t we? Well, why not make a video out of it. It will be funny to see others ranting. Your viewers may find you ranting funny too. You can choose any topic that you feel strongly about, such as sports, movies, TV series, school, politics, etc.

15. Behind the Scenes Vlog

Behind the Scenes

It becomes enthralling sometimes to know what the vloggers went through to create their vlogs. How they started on the topic, how they filmed the vlog, the number of takes it took, the editing process, etc. Give your viewers an inside look at creating one of your vlogs. So, in a way, you will be working on TWO blogs at once. The first one is a vlog about a specific topic, and another one is the behind the scenes vlog of that first vlog.

16. Cover an Event

Cover an Event

If you are going to attend an exciting event such as a sports match, a food fest, or a concert, it may be a good idea to take your camera with you and make a vlog. Record the event highlights and share your experience with the audience.

B. Funny Vlogs

You can make funny vlogs to engage your audience and increase the subscribers of your channel. Funny vlogs are the best-known vlogging genre to increase the likes, views, and subscribers. So why don’t you try the following unusual vlog ideas:

17. Challenges

Challenges are always exciting to watch. Such videos are fast to record and entertaining to watch. Check out our list of YouTube challenges for your next vlog.

18. Prank Videos

Prank videos tend to go viral over the internet quicker than any other genre. Such videos can instantly boost your views, subscribers, as well as sharing over different social media. Keep the prank funny and straightforward. 

19. Parody Videos

Parody is another excellent idea to improve your channel rating. The caricature of a music clip, movie or a great video can be hilarious to watch. In many cases, parody videos also attract lots of subscribers and views to your channel.

20. Create a Reaction Video

Creating a reaction video is perceived as funny in the YouTube community. They are enjoyable to watch and well-received among the audience. You can view some videos or even your YouTube comments for shooting a reaction video. Just find a relevant video that brings out your emotions.

21. Create a Blooper Video

Blooper videos are always fun to watch. And believe us, they will surely increase the rating and popularity of your YouTube channel. You can compile the funny videos and present them on your channel.

C. Information Videos

Vlogs are a great platform to provide information and learn new things. You can also create vlogs about anything you have knowledge of and share them on your channel. Try the following ideas for creating information vlogs:

22. Review


A review is the most searched keyword on the internet. People always look for reviews of TV series, movies, food items, music, games, books, new gadgets, and products. You can share your experience relating to any of these categories with your audience. Tell them what you like and what you don’t like.

23. Explain a Concept

You can create a video to explain a particular concept or topic that you know well. It can be about anything related to your work, the things you learned in school, specific game rules, and many more. Target who your viewers are going to be and choose the topic accordingly.

24. Explain ‘How To…’

There are many videos on the internet explaining how to do something. A lot of people search online for such tutorials. You too can follow this vlogging idea. You can select a simple topic that you are familiar with, such as cooking certain dishes, editing photos, riding a bike, download a movie, etc. Substantial traffic can board on your channel through these ‘How To’ videos.

25. 5 Minutes Life Hacks

Lifehack is one of the trending topics in social media. Such videos are interesting to watch as well as informative. Why don’t you also make a 5 minutes life hacks video? You can mix random mistakes and problems people tend to come across daily and show the ideas on how you can prevent or take care of the issues.

26. Top Restaurants Recommendation Vlog


You can make a video about your favorite restaurants and post it on your channel. You can share the location, the food menu, the ambiance, unique items, and the offer of the restaurants. Make a simple video and recommend your favorites.

27. Studying Tips and Tricks

Studying tips and tricks

If you are good at studies or any particular subject, be it science, mathematics, history or any other topic, then it may be a good idea to record a video about study methods. You can include the tricks you use to memorize stuff or solve a particular problem. You can tell the viewers about the mnemonics to remember formulas or a series of events in the subject. It can be more helpful to the viewers than you can imagine. So try this idea.

D. Travel Vlog Ideas

Travel vlogs can make the viewers feel very exciting and enticing. And moreover, these vlogs help promote the place. If you like traveling, then here are some inspiring vlog ideas:

28. Talk about Your Trip

Talk about Your Trip 

Make a video about where you are planning to travel. Tell the audience the reason for choosing that place and what your expectations are. You can also talk about the things you are taking with you. Detail your viewers on how you are planning a trip.  You can also make a guide video about the place you recently visited. You can talk about the famous corners of that place, the hotels you stayed it and more.

29. What’s in My Travel Bag

Travel Bag 

While making a video about the trip, you can also create another video to talk about what things you should carry in your bag during the trip. Tell the viewers where you are going for the day and what items you are carrying with you. You can further explain why you are taking these things with you.

30. Stories


You may have some exciting stories about your previous travels. You can share those stories with your viewers. Talk about funny moments, scary events, relaxing time, or other scenes that caught your attention. The account does not necessarily need to be your personal travel experience. You can tell the stories of your friends or someone you know.

31. Talk about Your Travel Budget

Whenever people search for any travel destination, they immediately take a look at the budget requirement as well. So why not make a vlog about the budget? You can talk about the planning phase of the last travel you made. You can mention your total budget and its segregation on different items and itineraries. Such vlogs can be a guide to your viewers if they too want to plan a trip to that place.

32. Traveling Tips

You probably know a thing or two that any traveler must know when traveling to a place you recently visited, don’t you? Please, inform your viewers about the travel tips based on your personal experience. You can include the etiquette, the Do’s and Don’ts to follow when visiting that place you traveled. You can also give packing tips and great travel advice.

33. Rank the Places You Visited

If there is one that people pay attention to is the ranking. Be it technology, food, or places; people always look out for the top-ranked recommendation. All you have to do is to make a short video about the places you visited, and rank them from your least favorite to the most favorite one. Simple!

E. Fitness Vlogs

If you are a fitness freak, then it is worthwhile making your fitness vlog. Many people search for exercise videos that they can follow. So, why don’t you try some of the fitness vlogging ideas we have listed below:

34. Workout Schedule

Workout Schedule

Give your viewers a quick tour of your workout schedule. Tell them the exact routine you follow through the week. Finally, show them your fitness and yoga positions. It is a great way to gain followers and increase your channel visits.

35. Your Diet Plan

Your Diet Plan

As you have created a video on your workout schedule, it may be a good idea to make another video dedicated to your diet pattern. The idea is not to exaggerate but to show your viewers what kind of diet pattern you follow. Tell them the types of food you eat, the supplements you take, the frequency of eating, and so on.  And finally, motivate them to be healthy by eating healthy.

36. How To Do Something

transformation video

People don’t just search for what to do in the gym, but also how to do certain things. Some examples may be ‘How to perform squats,’ ‘How to make abs,’ ‘How to increase hip size,’ ‘How to do push-ups,’ etc. So, make a video dedicated solely to a particular workout. You don’t have to compile the whole task in one video. Divide them into different parts. This way, you not only add more videos to your channel but also make your videos short and precise.

37. Transformation Video

Transformation Video

Everybody starts exercising at some point. Maybe, you used to be fat or thin, but now you are in good shape with those abs and V body. It can be a perfect motivational video for your viewers. Embed them before and after the part in the video and your exercise routine between these two segments. You can begin your video by reasoning why you started working out in the first place. Also, explain how did you accomplish your body goal and how the transformation has influenced your life.

38. What To and What Not To Do in Gym

What To and What Not To Do in Gym

Many beginners come to the gym, lift weights, workout for months and yet, feel no difference in their bodies. The main reason is the faulty technique, the position, and the unhealthy diet pattern. So, why don’t you help those beginners improve their workout sessions and make it rewarding? Create a video where you tell the viewers the exact technique of doing a particular exercise. Designate them with the number of reps and sets they should do to make progress visible.

39. Record a Fitness Challenge

Record a Fitness Challenge

Plenty of trending fitness challenges are available to get into them. People record their workout along with the number of days, where they follow a particular routine to lose or gain weight. They keep it as a schedule to achieve their body goals. You can also take a challenge and record a video. Meanwhile, you don’t have to be hardcore in this challenge. Just be simple and take a week’s fitness challenge or two.

40. Healthy Diet

Healthy Diet

Nowadays, people are aware of and follow a healthy diet plan rather than readymade fast foods. So you can be sure they will search for the relevant content on the internet. Make a video to guide your viewers on the balanced diet chart they can follow. Tell them what to eat, on what frequency to eat, and how much to eat.

F. Vlogs for Couples

If you are in a relationship, it may be a good idea to involve your partner in the vlog too. You two can create colorful fairytale-like vlogs. It may seem cheesy, but it will surely work among teenage audiences. You can use the following ideas:

41. How We Started Dating

How We Started Dating

No doubt, every relation has a starting point. You can create a video about the beginning point of your relationship. Tell the audience how you guys met. Not every relationship starts perfectly. Some may be romantic, some may be blind dates, some may be funny, and the rest may be awkward. Whatever kind of starting you had, you can rest assured that it will surely make a fun vlog to watch.


42. Couples Swap Clothes

Do you know a trend of girlfriend and boyfriend swapping their clothes? No, it’s not for walking on the street, but just for fun vlogging. Weird as it may seem, but it is what is trending. This kind of video shows the audience that you two are in a fun and friendly relation. Try it once.

43. Boyfriend Does My Makeup

Boyfriend Does My Makeup

Most guys are illiterate when it comes to makeup.  So it may be fun to make a video about giving your girlfriend a makeover or have your boyfriend put makeup on you. The vlog will undoubtedly be hilarious guys. Give it a go.

44. Daily Life with My Soul Mate

Daily Life with My Soul Mate

So, how is it like living with your better half? Annoying, fun, romantic, or what? Tell it to your viewers. People are always interested to know what goes on in other people’s lives to compare with their own. So, you can bet your video will get many views and reactions.

45. Pranking My Girlfriend

Pranking videos never get old. And on top of that, how interesting will it be to watch videos of pranking girlfriends? Viewers will thoroughly watch the reaction with full interest until the end. You can prank on your girlfriend on any topic such as fake cheating or replacing the shampoo with toothpaste and many more. P.S – Don’t play a harsh prank.

46. Do a YouTube Challenge

Challenges are amusing to shoot and watch. But they can be a lot of humorous when you do them with your partner. There are multiple challenges that you two can do. Check our article on Trending YouTube Challenges. You can find many funny challenges here.

47. Relationship Advice

Relationship advice

People go through hard times in their relationship. You and your partner may have gone through such time too. Why don’t you make a video about how you handled the situation and overcame the problem? It may be a help to another couple who are going through the same situation.

48. Expectation VS Reality

This idea is hilarious as well as reality-based. Everyone wishes for a fairytale relationship with higher expectations from a partner. Well, snap out of it. You may have realized by now that perfect relations only exist in movies or books. It will be best if you portray that expectation versus reality vlog with your partner. Make it a silly and funny way that viewers will enjoy the video while relating it to their personal life.

G. Others

There are many other ideas of vlogging apart from the ones listed above. If you have already tried the above tips and want more viewers’ interaction, then check out the following:

49. Question and Answer Video

Question and Answer

Q& A video allows your viewers to know you better and show them that you care about their opinions. Your viewers ask you questions through comments or on social sites. Note down the questions and dedicate a video to answering those questions. This kind of video improves interaction with your audience.

50. Do a Giveaway

Do a Giveaway

What do people love? The answer is GIFTS! I mean, everyone loves gifts. If you want someone to like you, give that person a gift. So, if you want to get more followers and views, do giveaway videos every once in a while. You can also give away the product you are reviewing, a ticket to a movie or any other gift hampers that you can afford.

51. Gaming Vlog

Gaming VLOG

You can switch on to the gaming channel if you are good at a particular game. Many vloggers get sincere viewers in their YouTube channels through the gaming vlog. Go with the trending games such as Pubg, FIFA 19, Tekken 7, Mortal Kombat 11, etc. You can increase your subscribers and views on your channel via gaming vlogs.

51. Photoshop Video

Do you have photoshop skills? If yes, then you must make a video on editing photos. People search extensively for such tutorials on the internet. So, why not help them and earn some subscribers?

52. Editing Instagram Picture

Editing Instagram Pictures

Many people use Instagram in their leisure. So, there is no doubt people will search for the relevant guide regarding Instagram. Help them with a video in which you teach how to edit any picture to make it Instagram-ready. You can show them different apps to edit photos on mobile phones. Teach them to crop the appropriate picture size for posting and so on. Share do’s and don’ts of photo editing for Instagram.

53. Go with the Trend

Go with the Trend

It can’t be assumed what goes trending on the internet overnight. There is always a hot buzz going on. Maybe some celebrity broke up, or a new invention arrived in the market. Check the news regularly, and you will automatically come up with your next topic. It can be related to technology, celebrity, sports, films, and many more. And you know it is going to be a hit because the topic just went viral in the past. Clever right?

54. Teach Cooking

Teach Cooking

Do you cook? Don’t hide your talent from others. Show your viewers how you prepare different items. Guide them through your recipe. Choose a dish and make a video on it. Yummy for the viewers and your channel.

55. Slow Motion Videos

Slow-motion videos are always fascinating to watch. If you have a camera that can record at 60fps or more then it is worth trying a slow-motion video for your channel. Take advantage of your camera and show the features.

Final Words

Here you go. We have provided the best 55 Vlog Ideas; you need to try to increase your channel ratings. We hope you have found some ways of inspiration that you can incorporate in your vlogs.

Happy Vlogging!

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