How to Start a Vlog: The Ultimate Guide in 2020

how to start a vlog

Vlogging has never gone as enticing as it has appeared in the recent days. The trend is growing among people of all ages, and probably you may have a plan to start a vlog too, right?

It’s not wrong to follow the trend, but you should know the correct way to do it. Some vlogs go viral with a fluke, but it is not always the same case. That is why we are here with this guide. This write-up will pave the way for you through the proper steps to start a vlog. We have some sure-shot techniques to help you boost your vlogging career, so do read it thoroughly:  

Step 1: Look at Some of the Famous Vloggers

famous vlogger

It will be beneficial to look at some of the famous vloggers or even your favorite ones. We recommend top vloggers such as Jake Paul, PewDiePie, Logan Paul, and more. They come with new ideas for their vlogs every time.

We recommend you to get stimulated by the established vloggers and understand the way they begin their vlog, the music they use, how long are the videos, how do they edit, how often do they post their vlogs, and so on. Analyze the details and note down the things you link and dislike about those vloggers. You can use the points to your benefit and know what to or not include in your vlog. 

Get inspired, follow the steps but do not copy those vloggers, else you are just an imitation and not real. 

Step 2: Create Your Channel

create channel

If you don’t have a channel, then where are you going to post your vlogs, eh? So take a few time and create your own YouTube channel. It is free, easy to create, and takes only a few minutes. You can click here to start opening your YouTube channel. 

Step 3: A Good Username

Your username is also your brand identification. So make sure to use a simple yet unique and appealing username. Many people don’t think it holds much of an importance, and they type any name they first think of, but it is wrong.

For example, if you want to set your name to David Warner, you may type in DavidWarner, DavidWarner1 or even a lengthy one such as ThisisdavidwarnerXX12345. These are all boring, and the last one is also tedious to remember. Instead of these names, you can choose DavidWarnerVlogging, DavidVlogs, or even DavidWarnerLovesToVlog. Here are some tips on choosing a good username: 

  • Use capital letters to separate words and make them easier to read. DavidWarnerVlogs is much easier to read than Davidwarnervlogging, isn’t it? 
  • If possible don’t use the number at all in your username. Numbers make the username harder to remember. 
  • Don’t use modified words such as ‘luv’ because people mostly go for straight words such as ‘love’. So, you can relate ‘DavidWarnerLovesToVlog’ is much easier to get right than ‘DavidWarnerLuvsToVlog’.

Step 4: Your First Video 

first video 

Believe it or not, your first video matters to the audience just like first impression matters when you meet someone in person. Introduce your channel and yourself. Tell the viewers about what you will be vlogging and how often will you post your vlogs. In a way, your first video should be like a trailer of your channel. 

Tips for your First Vlog:

  • Don’t overthink it. Start recording and say whatever you feel. You will eventually start getting spontaneous with time and practice. 
  • Speak clearly and don’t leave long silences. 
  • Record the vlog in daylight or well-lit room for better image quality
  • Interact and engage your viewers by asking for their opinion or comment on your vlogs. 
  • End the vlog with a unique personal phrase. You can follow Superwoman to understand what we mean. 

Step 5: Think of a Topic

think a topic

Choose any topic you want to vlog about and post it on your channel. As long as the issue is not dull, illegal, or insulting, you can choose whatever topic you like. There are many successful vlogs which you can follow.

You can follow our articles on Vlogging Ideas, and Trending YouTube Challenges to get creative ideas for your vlogs. 

Step 6: Shoot Your Vlog with Good Equipment 

Shoot Your Vlog with Good Equipment

Using the right equipment will ensure that you shoot a good quality video. You can use various equipment such as a camera, tripod, and gimbal to shoot vlogs. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on the gears.  You can check our reviews on the best equipment under budget below: 

Step 7: Edit Your Vlog

edit video

After you finish shooting your video, it’s time to edit the content into an upload-ready vlog. There are many video editing programs for Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS. Several software tools are even free. Pick the most exciting part and edit them with zooming or echoing or any attention-grabbing theme. If you have an intro and outro to your video, add them to your vlog. Your video must be at least 5 minutes in general. 

Step 8: Upload the Video On Your Channel

upload video

If your video is ready, upload it on your channel. Log into your YouTube channel and tap on the upload icon at the right of the search bar or click this Upload link. Drag your vlog file into the upload box and wait for the uploading process to complete. Hit the ‘Publish’ button once the video is uploaded. 

Choose a video thumbnail to make your video appealing. The thumbnail you choose must be attractive and should make people curious so that they want to watch it. Then, write a short description of your video. Add a description of about 300 to 500 words along with some keywords. It helps your video to rank in YouTube’s search engine. 

Step 9. Promote Your Videos

promote videos

Now, you have successfully uploaded your video on your channel, and it is time to promote and bring some traffic to it. Share the video link on your social sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other website. 

You can also collaborate with other vloggers and promote each other’s channels. Try to build an audience who watches your vlogs regularly. It will help rank your channel as well as make your vlogs appear in the ‘recommended videos’ section.  

Step 10: Have Patience

It is the final piece of tips we have for you. Most vloggers get disappointed with their channel’s performance after a few weeks of its launching and stop vlogging. It is a big mistake! Your vlog will probably have few views, even in 2 digit numbers. Don’t let that stop you. Plan a schedule for how often you will post new videos. Keep networking with other vloggers, keep sharing the videos on your social media, and most importantly, DO NOT GIVE UP! Keep up your work because you never know when your luck may shine. 

BONUS STEP: Monetize Your Vlogs

After your subscribers grow and your channel starts getting more views, you can make money from your work of vlogging. You can apply for the YouTube Partnership. As a partner, YouTube will put ads in your video. So, each time any viewer clicks on that ad, you will get money in your account.  However, there are specific criteria for you to be eligible to apply for the partnership: 

  • You must have more than 1,000 subscribers
  • You must have more than 4,000 public watch hours in your videos in the last 12 months.

Final Words

Vlogging is an exciting trend and becoming more of a career direction for many people. Certainly, vloggers are making more money than any regular jobs that we know. That is why more people are turning towards vlogging. You also can run a successful vlogging channel. Just make sure to follow our steps, keep on making videos, and have patience.

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