20 Ways to Get More YouTube Subscribers in 2020

YouTube can be really frustrating at times. If you’re a content creator for YouTube, you must know it better.

Ever since YouTube has become an enormous platform for content creators to build a brand and make money, it has attracted thousands of content creators.

However, not everyone becomes successful on YouTube.

It takes a lot of hard work and a bit of smart work to be a successful YouTuber. This article talks about 20 smart ways to get more YouTube subscribers and thus become a successful YouTuber.

1. Organize Your Playlist

Playlists can be a game changer for your channel. It is so because a playlist can help you organize your contents based on specific themes, ideas or simply place the best contents from your channel in one place.

Power playlists is another way to go. They are known to be effective since they are organized based on outcomes. In a power playlist, the title of the playlist is an outcome that can attract viewers.

Popular YouTube channels have used this technique to attract and keep the viewers engaged within their channel. Ultimately, viewers end up subscribing to your channel once they have seen the contents and spent significant time on your playlists.

2. Long Videos Rank Better

Yes, you heard that right.

If it was a few years back, this would be a doubtful statement. But, recent studies show that long videos of length more than 10 minutes rank better.

To start with, short videos of length around 5 minutes are suitable for viewers’ engagement. However, to keep the audience stay put to your channel and increase the number of subscribers, longer videos are the way to go.

There’s no hard and fast rule about video length. So, if your content can be delivered at its best in a short length video, you are free to do that.

Otherwise, keep it  simple, engaging, entertaining and it’ll easily be more than 10 minutes.

3. Make Wise Use of Endscreens and Cards

Here’s something you must know:

The more your viewers watch your videos, the more likely they are to subscribe to your channel. Now, the question is, how do you make your viewers watch more of your videos?

The answer to this is a simple endscreen. A relevant endscreen at the end of your videos can prompt your viewers to watch the next video on your channel.

Adding 10 seconds of time to your endscreen gives your viewers time to quickly go through the title of your next video and continue watching. Cards popping out during your video runtime can also suggest some other videos based on the context in the video that is played.

4. Optimize Video Titles

As mentioned above, the titles of your video can get more people coming to your channel.

A quirky title can grab viewers’ attention and increase their curiosity. Ultimately, they end up watching the video even if it might be just for a few seconds.

But, that’s just one way to work with your title. There are several important techniques surrounding your title that you need to know to better understand YouTube SEO.

Here are a few of them:

  • Use the keyword in the title
  • Title should not be too long
  • Use Google Adwords to find the right title
  • Make the title descriptive
  • Do not use the word “video” in the title

5. Quality Content Is The Key

Nothing can help you get subscribers, if your content is weak. Having quality content is the basis for making your channel work.

While starting off, people tend to focus more on creating content in numbers rather than focusing on the quality of the content. This might actually have negative consequences on the number of viewers and subscribers.

Rather than focusing on the quantity, it is important to work on the quality of the content. If your content is of high quality, your videos will have increased watch time. This can help your videos appear in the suggested list of videos and also help them rank higher.

An informative and entertaining content throughout the length of the video goes a long way in gaining viewers and potential subscribers.

6. Interact With Your Audience

YouTube is a social networking site. And, social networking sites are all about social interactions. Social networks are built upon social connection and interaction.

It is a proven fact that content creators who interact regularly with their audience get much love and appreciation in the form of viewers and subscribers.

Reply to the comments you receive from your loyal fan base and kindly brush off the negative comments, if any. Sometimes, your viewers can also help you with your content. Regular engagement with your viewers shows that you care and this will in turn make them care about you.

7. Use Subscriber Magnets

Subscriber  magnets are those videos that get you the highest number of subscribers. To know which one is the video, go to YouTube Analytics Report. You can click on “subscribers” and check “YouTube Watch Page”.

There you can find the video that got you highest numbers of subscribers. Great thing about this video is that it is proven to get you more subscribers. Use it. The more you get your viewers to watch it, the chances are that the number of subscribers will increase.

To get this video to your viewers, you can use endscreens as mentioned earlier. Promote in thorough cards. Or, you may as well create a playlist starting with this video.

8. Compelling Video And Channel Description

Your YouTube channel description is a big deal. It gives viewers a good and clear idea of what your channel is all about.

Equally important is your video description. In terms of SEO, both video and channel description can have a great impact on your views and subscribers count. Two things you need to remember for an effective video/channel description are:

  • Tells the audience what the channel/video is about
  • Includes all important information about video/channel

Lastly, include some strong call to action to subscribe. Do not forget to sprinkle some keywords in the description. Remember, if you overdo it, it can have negative consequences in ranking.

9.  Tagline And Trailer For Your Channel

Taglines are there to define what you do in a short and simple manner. It helps you to position and brand your channel. It is also a professional and effective way of promoting your brand and giving a quick insight about your channel.

To stand out from the crowd of YouTubers with your tagline, you just need to understand some basic rules. Firstly, identify what makes your channel different. Even if there are hundreds, if not thousands of channels, know how to pitch yourself in a unique way. Most of all, keep it simple and do not complicate things.

Secondly, make your tagline visible by including it in your channel artwork. It is up to you to make it attractive and noticeable. At last, do not forget to mention your tagline in your channel trailer.

Besides tagline, a trailer should include all of your best work. A trailer is a great way to promote the best content of your channel.

10. Embed Videos In Blogs

Blogs are a major source for getting your viewers to subscribe to your channel. That is because those who read your blogs are likely to be interested in your content.

Also, a blog covers much more than what a video does. You can write detailed articles and embed multiple videos within. To start with, you can add videos to recall any previous topic before starting a new one.

Likewise, you can include other videos of topics that are relevant throughout the article. Since your readers are not just random people but interested ones, showing your videos to them can be more effective to increase subscribers.

11. Ask Your Viewers To Subscribe

One simple way that we often see YouTubers following is to simply ask your viewers to subscribe. A strong call to action can trigger your viewers to subscribe to your channel instantly.

Make sure you do this at the end of your videos. Some YouTubers prefer to do this right when the video starts. But, doing so might be annoying at times and as a result viewers skip.

However, if your content is compelling enough, asking your viewers to subscribe becomes more effective. To make it easy, do not hesitate to tell them exactly what to do.

12. Consistency In Uploading

Consistency in uploading videos is one of the crucial factors in maintaining good relationships with your viewers. Viewers subscribe to a channel when they love the work of the publisher and do not want to miss a thing.

Channels who upload content consistently tend to receive more attention and care from the audience. Likewise, they also expect the channel to shower them with contents frequently and keep them entertained.

So, make a schedule to upload videos at fixed intervals. It could be once in a week or twice in a month and so on. Make your viewers feel like they’re watching their favorite series where a new episode comes out according to a regular schedule.

13. Intro And Outro In A Video For Branding

A YouTube channel can easily be a brand these days. And, like any other brands a YouTube channel also needs to have a remark on its viewers. For this, intro and outro in a video is a must.

A catchy intro and outro can leave an impression that will stick with your viewers and make them watch more of the content. It adds a professional touch to the video and helps with branding.

It is as important as a theme song in a series.  Ever noticed how some of the theme songs get stuck in your head and you do not mind listening to it before watching a show? That’s what an intro can do.

14. Collaboration With Fellow YouTubers

Collaboration always works. And, YouTube is no different. In fact, you may have noticed famous YouTubers supporting each other in their channel. It is a popular trend among YouTubers these days.

Collaboration benefits everyone. It is fruitful for content creators and is entertaining for viewers too. It promotes a healthy relationship all around between creators as well as viewers. So, reach out to fellow YouTubers of similar background and collaborate.

This will get you new viewers and subscribers and expand your reach while your viewers are also entertained.

15. Customize And Optimize Your Channel Page

Like they say, the first impression is the last impression.

When someone lands on your page, it is up to you to please them with your channel’s landing page. Depending on your optimization, viewers decide to either stay or leave. An optimized channel can increase your subscriber count remarkably.

Work on your channel art, tagline, trailers and so on. Organize your best contents to appear at the top. Though there is no standard format for customizing, check how top rankers organize their content. Try-and-test these approaches. Find out the one that works best for you.

16. A Strong CTA Can Make All The Difference

CTA stands for Call To Action. It is a marketing term used quite often in the field of digital marketing and SEO. Like the name suggests, CTA calls an audience for immediate action by giving specific guidelines and space to act upon.

While surfing on YouTube, you must have come across videos where the presenter asks you to perform some actions. These CTA options mainly encourage the audience to like,share, comment or subscribe to your channel.

This particular approach of simply putting a strong CTA at the end of a compelling content can make a big difference. It gives your viewers some action to perform before doing anything else once the video is over. Many users instantly subscribe to the channel if your content is able to make an impression on them.

Make sure to guide your viewers thoroughly on how to perform the action.

17. Create Evergreen As Well As Contextual Content

A channel can have multiple purposes. Different channels have different contents.Some channels are based on specific themes while some are just known for random contents.

Most of the channels have evergreen contents that are not time specific and can have equal value no matter when you watch it. These content represent the theme of the channel. On the other hand, there are contents called topical contents too.

Topical contents are time specific. Topical content can be of any kind. A latest political fiasco, global event , feud or anything that creates buzz can fall under this type of content. Topical content gives you freedom to be more creative and can attract a large number of new audiences.

18. Effective Use Of Meta Tags

A meta tag is a major element from an SEO perspective. Either that’s in a blog or a Youtube video. It helps YouTube algorithm in finding your video easily and rank high. Just like in a blog, using the meta tag wisely can make a huge impact in your YouTube video too.

Choose a short sentence of up to 160 words that can describe the contents of your videos precisely. Make sure you include the keywords within this sentence so that it ranks higher. That’s all you need to do for using meta tags effectively.

19. Frequent Giveaways And Contests

Who doesn’t like it when someone appreciates your efforts and rewards you with something for free? No wonder, giveaways are popular in the world of social media.

If you’re a YouTuber, offer your viewers something for their engagement on your channel. This will help keep your viewers subscribed and may even bring in some new subscribers.

You can choose to give anything that suits your niche or something else too. Whatever you give, your viewers will love the idea of getting something for free. It also shows that you care for your audience.

You can use this opportunity to ask your viewers to follow and share your contest across multiple social media platforms.

20. Cross Platform Promotion

In today’s age of the digital market, it is essential to make your brand available to audiences across multiple social platforms. It is essential so that your audience can find you easily anytime and anywhere.

Some might find it hard to reach across multiple platforms. To make your job easy, there are multiple apps available. These apps help you organize your content, manage your audience and show analysis from multiple platforms.

The more visible you are, the more your audience feels your presence. Social platforms funnel your audience eventually increasing your subscriber counts.

Final words,

Though there are no sure-shot measures to help you increase your subscriber count drastically, these techniques are tested and proved to be of great use. Follow the process and keep experimenting on your own and eventually you will see an improvement.

Try it for yourself and let us know if these techniques worked for you. We are also open to any suggestions. Keep hustling.