How Much Does YouTube Pay Per View?

YouTube Pay Per View

YouTube has ruled the roost in space and popularity day by day, providing room for anyone to grow in their way. Let’s peek into its influence on the culture of income-generating activities or economy.

You may have heard about some YouTube millionaires. If not, here’s a list of Top 10 Highest Paid YouTubers. You can grasp the spirit if you have the zeal to get inspired for a lucrative deal.

However, thousands of YouTubers have yet to do a lot more to achieve the success of generating lucrative income from YouTube.

It’s not easy to earn from YouTube. You have to struggle hard to climb a steep until you make the first dollar. You need to be patient and persistent until you get something significant done.

If you make it through the starting struggle and get a good reputation along with good subscribers and views, then the ride will become smooth sailing.

Many people know the fact that YouTube pays YouTubers, but how much exactly?

How Much Do YouTubers Earn from Ads?


According to Google policies, 68% of google’s AdSense revenue goes to the publishers. 

Although you will have the option of adding an AdSense account at the beginning when you create an account, you will start receiving payment only after you make the first 100$.

Ads are a significant source of income for a YouTuber. But, it is not so easy to make money from these ads. There are two types of ads, CPM (Cost Per Impression) and CPC (Cost Per Click).

For you to earn money from a CPM, the viewers need to watch an ad for at least 30 seconds. And, for CPC, you won’t make any buck until the viewer clicks the ad.

On an average for CPC ads, YouTube pays $18 for every 1,000 ad clicks. Whereas for a CPM, the earnings average about $2-5 for every 1,000 views. Keep in mind that these metrics of the ads are not constant. Various factors like demographics, contents, and timing, play a crucial role in determining your earnings from YouTube ads.

How Much Does YouTube Pay Per View?

pay per view

For the contents you upload, YouTube uses a CPM system for calculating your earnings. It also implies factors like time spent by a viewer by watching a video that determines your earnings.

The earnings of any YouTuber can range from 10 cents to 7$ per thousand views. However, in most cases, the average earning of a YouTuber looms around 1.5-3$. 

If you have a strong fan base and your viewers watch your video till the end, you can earn 3-7$ per thousand views. It all comes down to the interaction between viewers and the content.

It shows that the average earning per view from YouTube is between 0.0015 cents to 0.010 cents. It looks less at the beginning, but once you enter the million club, you will make 600$ to 7,000$.

Factors that determine YouTube earnings

Since YouTube’s monetization policy has become stricter, many aspects are taken under consideration before YouTube pays the YouTubers.

Here’s a list of things taken into account:

Type of viewers 

A viewer’s age, gender, and geographic location are essential factors. For example, views from the USA pay more.

Type of content

The kind of content uploaded in your channel also determines your income.

Upload consistency

Whether you upload your content frequently or not, you must know your upload consistency also affects your earning.

Subscribers/Viewers ratio

YouTube also checks your subscribers’ and viewers’ ratio. For instance, if the number of views is higher than the number of subscribers, you may not be well paid.

A number of views on mobile Vs. PC

Ads, while you use the internet from your mobile, are different from those you see on a computer. It directly affects your earning from YouTube.

Ad Skipping

You have kept a lot of ads and are not still earning as you want to, that’s because your viewers skip the ad. Ad skipping also affects the YouTubers’ revenue.

Quality of Ads

The ads that you put on your YouTube channel also need to have a certain standard as the quality of ads influence your earnings.


The keywords used by YouTubers also target different advertisers resulting in different payouts.

Length of the video

The length of the video determines whether a viewer sees multiple ads. It increases the number of ad views per user, adding the YouTubers’ pay rate.


If your viewers use different ad-blockers, you are less likely to get paid as the views of ads come down.

Other Ways to Make Money from YouTube

Endorsements and Sponsorships 

Another way to earn from YouTube is through endorsements and sponsorship. As you begin to gain popularity through your YouTube channel, you can start endorsing products. They can be any product relating to your videos. 

The figures of how much a YouTuber makes from endorsements are not available clearly as it may vary depending on various factors. You can also find sponsorships to cover your costs for creating the content.

Affiliate Marketing

If you have just started and have relatively less number of subscribers, another way you can earn from YouTube is through affiliate marketing. 

For example, if you have a channel about gaming, and you link it to an affiliate sales page of a product related to gaming, you can earn this way too.   

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