20 Easy and Free Ways to Get More Views on YouTube in 2020

YouTube is a premier social platform for content creators as well as marketers. With an audience reach of roughly 22 billion per month, YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine.

Today, every company has a YouTube channel where they push their content every week and spend a substantial amount of money in the hopes of getting more YouTube views. Some of these companies even work against YouTube’s policies to increase the number of views. With the YouTube algorithm getting strict with every other day, getting legitimate views has become harder than ever.

But don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

In this article, we have managed to list 20 Easy and Free Ways to Get More Views on YouTube. These techniques are easy and free. Just making videos is not enough, so follow these techniques to generate organic views for your videos.

1. Create Compelling Content

Until and unless you have compelling content, nothing can help you get views overnight. So, focus on creating content that is engaging and intriguing.

Identify your viewer’s needs and create videos that meet their needs. You can find ideas for videos in the comment section. If you have a community of viewers, you can ask for suggestions too. You can start with “how-to” videos as they are massively popular on YouTube.

Videos that educate and entertain can get a lot of views in a short time. Sometimes, you can create content that piggybacks off of viral trends.

Do not worry about the length and production quality of your videos. Think about it. Do you stop watching an hour-long video because of its duration if it provides immense value?

Of course not, so focus on the content before expecting for views.

2. Create Playlists

Arranging your video in proper playlists is another great way of getting more views on YouTube. It takes effort to click away from a video. So, if your content is good, viewers often keep watching.

Gather some similar videos and find the right title and layout for your playlist. A good title for your playlist can improve search rankings, and provides additional opportunity to target keywords.

Likewise, using different layouts helps your playlist stand out from the rest.

Include tons of video and create an eyecatching, content-rich playlist. In no time, you’ll see the number of views increasing.

3. Optimize Video Titles

YouTube is a social platform. But more than that, it is a video search engine. To rank high in search results, YouTube takes multiple items into account. This practice provides YouTubers with numerous opportunities to optimize their channel and videos.

Factors like video file names, titles, descriptions, and tags are all taken into consideration by YouTube’s algorithm. Once you have the right keywords and your video starts showing up, the title is the next big thing that determines the number of views.

There are a few tricks to make your title compelling enough for the viewers to make them watch your video.

Add brackets and parentheses at the end of your title. A study suggests, adding brackets can increase clicks by up to 33%

Use a number in your title. It could be a number for anything. Numbers catch the attention of viewers and increase traffic.

Use titles between 40-50 characters long.

YouTube’s internal data says that your title can make or break your video. So, spend some time finding the right title for your videos.

4. MVC Formula for Video Tags

Tags are essential for video SEO. They directly correlate with video rankings. Thus, MVC is the technique for optimizing your tags. Here’s how you do it.

Firstly, MVC stands for Main Keyword, Variations, and Category.

Main Keyword as the name suggests are the first or second tags used for your videos. Secondly, Variations include a few similar terms related to your main keyword. Lastly, add a few words that help YouTube understand your video’s overall category.

Getting the right keywords helps your video rank high in YouTube search by improving your videos SEO ranking.

5. Work on End Screens and Cards

Cards and End Screens are tools that you can use to promote your videos to get more views.

An end screen is a dedicated frame that comes right at the end and is used to wrap up your videos. It acts as a call-to-action for your videos.

Likewise, you can use cards as a tool that you can set to pop-up anytime in the video. It directs people to another video or playlist. You might as well use it for creating a poll, which is great for receiving direct feedback from your viewers.

End screen and cards are powerful tools to keep your viewers engaged within your content. Make sure you use it wisely. In some cases, when the keywords do not relate to your content, YouTube may penalize you.

6. Add a Watermark

Watermarks increase the number of subscribers and views by promoting your channel across different platforms without the fear of copyright violation.

A watermark is an image that appears on all your videos. Most YouTubers use their logo as a watermark. When you hover over a watermark, it prompts you to subscribe. The best part is you can set it for your channel, and the watermark appears on all your videos.

Create a brand name through your YouTube channel and promote it through the watermark. You will be shocked to see the slow but gradual increase in the number of viewers and subscribers.

7. Use “BOGY” thumbnails

Thumbnails are the first thing a user sees when they find one of your videos. Your thumbnails must be noticeable. Here’s how you can make your thumbnails stand out.

BOGY thumbnails primarily use four colors: Blue, Orange, Green, and Yellow. Because YouTube is mostly red, black, and white, when you use BOGY thumbnails, your videos stand out and grab the attention of viewers.

As per your preference, you can use a little bit of red, white, and black in your thumbnail. But, make sure it is not your main thumbnail color. Otherwise, your video will just blend in with the YouTube theme color and may go unnoticed.

8. Enable Embedding for Your Videos

Once you have created an awesome video, allow your viewers to embed your video on any other website and blog. Embedding can be a great way of getting new audiences and increasing views on YouTube.

All you need to do is enable embedding, so when the viewer clicks the “Share” button right below the video window, the “Embed” option appears.

Once a viewer clicks on this button, a shareable link shows up, which viewers can use in any blog or website.

The bottom line is, it is essential that your viewers further share your videos on different platforms so that your video gets more views.

For that, enable embedding in your videos.

9. Promote on Other Platforms

Social media marketing is growing and is proven to have a significant role in increasing sales. Whenever you upload a video, let your viewers know through other social platforms.

But, remember, do not post full videos on other platforms. If you do so, the social platforms’ algorithm is going to hide your post from your followers.

So, start with a minute-long video teaser for a new YouTube video. That way, you can get views from other platforms as well. Also, do not forget to add the link to your main YouTube video.

Some other ways to promote your content over different platforms are email marketing and posting videos on related forums.

10. “Watch Time”

There’s a lot of effort that goes into getting a user to your video. Once they are in your channel watching your videos, it is equally, if not more important, that your viewers spend some time watching your video. The time they spend watching your videos is the “watch time.”

If someone watches your video and then leaves YouTube, this is not beneficial for your channel either. So make sure your content is engaging and create that curiosity among viewers so that they keep exploring your other content as well.

Techniques like end screens and cards serve purposes like mentioned above.

11. Upload Time

There’s a big dilemma among YouTubers about when to upload the videos on YouTube. The answer is: when your subscribers are on YouTube.

But then,

How will you know that?

YouTube does not provide YouTubers with such information as to when their subscribers are online. But, the good thing is you can check it for yourself. Test a few times to see what time is the best for uploads. There are also other tools to help you analyze the best time to post.

12. Improve Google Ranking of Your Video

When your video ranks high in Google ranking, it can lead to lots of new views. In most cases, videos ranked high on YouTube may not necessarily appear ranked high on Google.

If your video ranks high on Google, your video is sure to get a lot of views and new viewers.

For your videos to show up on Google, make sure you say your keyword out loud in your video; this helps Google understand 100% of the content in your video.


Upload a transcript of your video to YouTube. You can either do it yourself or get a professional transcription. This way, Google can understand 100% of the content of your video.

13. Master YouTube SEO fundamentals

To know how to get more views on YouTube, learn as much as you can about the YouTube SEO fundamentals.

Master the basics like Keyword Research, Optimizing Titles, Descriptions, and Tags, Improving Audience Retention, and Watch Time. There are plenty of resources available online if you’re interested in learning more about SEO.

14. Use the “Card Bridge” Template

Using this template is one of the many ways of getting views on YouTube. Here, the idea is to study the audience retention report from any one of your videos. The report will give you a good idea of any “how and when” about viewers’ engagement.

Notice the time frame when the viewer retention decreases during your video. Place a card that directs your viewers to one of your many videos. This card is the “Card Bridge” Template.

The card helps in directing the viewers to watch another video in your channel by popping up right at the same time when they would have clicked away.

15. Optimize Video Description

Video descriptions help YouTube’s Algorithm figure out what your videos are about. So, video descriptions are important. Here’s a YouTube description template that works great.

The first section has a Strong Intro. The first few lines are vital. So, make sure you include your target keyword once in the first 1-2 sentences; this is because YouTube puts more weight on the keywords early on in your description.

Secondly, the first few lines of your description need to be super compelling as it shows up in the YouTube search. The content above ”Show more” should be an absolute seller. Then comes the outline section. Write about everything that your viewers can learn or expect from the video. Do not hesitate to get into nitty-gritty details and write at least 150 words, including keywords.

Lastly, do not forget to add shareable links to other social platforms and a call-to-action to subscribe.

16. Create Transcripts

You must plan your content is such a way that it is understandable to YouTube’s algorithm. One such way to help YouTube better understand your content is to add transcripts to your video.

Adding transcripts to your video is beneficial for the audience with language constraints or disabilities. With transcripts, viewers can toggle the video subtitles on and off at will. The inclusion of subtitles helps you in gaining international viewers.

Create a ”.SRT” extension file with start and finish times next to the text and upload. Simple, isn’t it?

17. Call Guest YouTubers

Guest vloggers are great for increasing the number of views on your channel. It is a tested and proven method from which you can gain new followers and viewers. Here’s how.

First, identify influencers who have a similar audience and content. When you invite an influencer, they will share your videos with their followers, and you, too, will have to do the same for them.

Such collaborations are a proven method to gain free new views on your YouTube channel. Not just free views, this collaboration can also bring new video ideas and can open the door for endless possibilities too.

18. Nurture a Community

YouTube is a social network. It is a powerful tool for digital marketing. To get the best out of it, you need to use it like other social media. It means that just regularly sharing videos is not enough to engage the audience.

One thing you could do to enhance audience engagement is to be active and engaged with the viewers. The best way to do that is by responding to comments.

When someone asks a direct question, you should try to get back to the viewer directly. Doing this encourages other viewers to comment and thus enhances audience engagement.

19. Organize Giveaways

Giveaways attract a lot of audiences. A giveaway is an event where the viewers are asked to share the content along with some additional tasks in exchange for a chance to win exciting gift hampers.

Many companies use this strategy in social media marketing, and YouTube is no different. Post about a giveaway and tell your followers that the link to participate is in your video’s description. Doing this will send the users to the video’s YouTube page, increasing views.

20. Encourage to Subscribe

Like in any other business, the best and easiest way to increase the number of viewers on YouTube is by retaining the old viewers.

For that, all you need to do is encourage your current viewers to subscribe. But, how do you get the viewers to subscribe?

Simply, ask. You can request your viewers at the beginning or towards the end of the video. While asking, do not forget to mention the notification button. Also, display the subscribe icon visibly.

Final Words

Being a content creator is a difficult task, especially if you are a YouTuber. There are a lot of people who share their content on YouTube and make a living off of it. If you are one of them, don’t fall short on your original content and lose out on reaching viewers.

There are many other ideas that you can take on, but we hope that applying and referring to some of, if not all, the points we mentioned in this article, will help you get more views on your YouTube channel and your videos.